Essanzia welcomes its partner Boréal Essences

Essanzia is proud to partner with Boréal Essences to provide the necessary products to the students in their classes. It is a true alliance of two companies that share the same passion for natural products and aromatherapy.

Boréal Essences: Expertise in aromatherapy and natural cosmetics

Boréal Essences is a company specializing in the teaching of aromatherapy and the formulation of natural cosmetics. Under Lison's leadership, Boreal Essences is committed to sharing the transformative power of essential oils with a growing community. Mental well-being, skin health and holistic health are at the heart of her concerns.

Areas of interest of Boréal Essences

Beyond aromatherapy and natural cosmetics, Boréal Essences offers a multitude of practical advice in the areas of ecological housekeeping, healthy cooking, natural makeup, and spirituality.

Training offered by Boréal Essences

The founder of Boréal Essences, Lison, offers several rewarding training courses, including a recognized aromatherapy certification, in collaboration with The Institute of Aromatic Studies. Each training is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each student, reflecting their personalized and client-centric approach.

Boréal Essences stands out for the richness of its training offer. Students have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of essential oils, their safe use, and their therapeutic potential. In addition, the trainings cover practical aspects such as the formulation of natural cosmetics. Lison not only shares her knowledge, but also her experience and her passion, so that each student can develop their own connection with the world of essential oils.

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About Lison, the founder of Boréal Essences

Drawing on her rich French heritage, Lison has a deep and intimate connection to the world of flavors, a passion inherited from her childhood in the food industry. After a rewarding career in social work and mental health, she followed her true calling: aromatherapy. Thus was born Boréal Essences, the embodiment of his love for essential oils and their transformative power.

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