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Snap Cap for 5ml and 15ml Bottles

Snap Cap for 5ml and 15ml Bottles

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Discover a whole new way to use your standard bottles with our snap cap! Designed to be compatible with doterra 5ml and 15ml bottles, this cap turns your essential oil bottle into a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser.

Ideal for your recipes in the kitchen, this pressure cap allows you to precisely dose your essential oils, ensuring a perfectly flavored culinary experience. Using this cap is also ideal for Aromatouch massage, allowing you to release the ideal amount of oil for a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

By using our snap cap, you are helping to reduce waste, reuse your essential oil bottles and recycle. A small gesture for you, a big gesture for our planet!

Features :

  • Compatible with doterra 5ml and 15ml bottles, neck 18-415
  • Ideal for cooking and Aromatouch massage
  • Promotes waste reduction, reuse and recycling

Explore a new way to use your essential oil bottles with our snap cap. A little touch that makes a big difference!

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