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Black cap with stainless steel roller for standard 5ml and 15ml bottles

Black cap with stainless steel roller for standard 5ml and 15ml bottles

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The Black Cap with Stainless Steel Roller is the perfect accessory to convert your standard essential oil bottles. With its ability to turn any standard 5, 15 or 30ml bottle into a convenient roll-on, this product is a must-have for any essential oil lover.

The cap is designed to resist all types of essential oils, thus guaranteeing a long life. Plus, the stainless steel roll-on ensures smooth application, providing a pleasant experience with every use.

This product is also equipped with a leak-proof black cap that prevents leaks, making it a safe option for carrying your favorite essential oils. With this cap, you can reuse your empty dōTERRA® 5ml or 15ml bottles, helping to reduce waste.

Features :

  • Compatible with standard 5, 15 or 30 ml bottles , neck 18-415
  • Resistant to all essential oils
  • Smooth application thanks to the stainless steel roll-on
  • Waterproof and safe for transport
  • Includes a sleek black cap
  • Allows you to reuse empty dōTERRA® 5ml or 15ml bottles

Please note that this cap does not fit 10ml roll-on bottles.

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