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Portable Vitamin Box “Shell”

Portable Vitamin Box “Shell”

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Portable Vitamin Box "Shell" - Your Health Companion on the Go

Discover our “Shell” Portable Vitamin Box, the perfect solution to maintain your well-being on the go. Available in two versions - 21 boxes in sleek black or 28 multi-colored boxes - this box is designed so you can carry your vitamins with style and ease.

Key Features:

  • “Shell” design : Inspired by the shape of a shell, this box is both elegant and practical. Now you can carry your vitamins in style.
  • Large capacity: Each compartment offers a generous capacity, allowing you to store a large amount of vitamins for each day.
  • In ABS + PP + Silicone: Made with quality materials, including ABS, PP and silicone, this box is robust and impact resistant.
  • Independent Compartment: Each compartment is equipped with "anti-dust" and "anti-humidity" technology, ensuring that your vitamins stay fresh and protected at all times.
  • Easy to take with you when traveling: Compact and light, the “Shell” Portable Vitamin Box slips easily into your backpack or luggage, thus becoming the ideal travel companion.

Keep your vitamin routine organized and stylish with the “Shell” Portable Vitamin Box. Choose between the classic black version or the playful multicolor version for a stylish addition to your everyday life. Travel with peace of mind knowing your vitamins are close at hand and safe.


178 x 132 x 51.5 mm

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