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Amber glass bottles with dropper caps

Amber glass bottles with dropper caps

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Package of 5 bottles OR 24 bottles

An ideal size for sharing samples!
  • Small enough for pocket or purse.
  • Perfect for personal products.
  • Amber glass for UV protection.
  • Ideal for travel.
  • Ideally suited for postal distribution (20 mm and less).
  • The dropper dispenses essential oils (pipette)
  • Glass pipette, rubber bulb and plastic stopper with hole.
  • 1ml-5ml

Dark amber color protects contents from harmful UV rays. The glass dropper controls how much oil you add to a mix or apply. It's also an easy way to fill capsules. Instructions :

Squeeze the rubber bulb to draw the liquid into the glass pipette. Gently squeeze the bulb again to release the liquid drop by drop.
Once the oil is inside and the dropper is screwed on, you can identify the bottle with labels.

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