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The Essential Mixologist - Book - FRANÇAIS

The Essential Mixologist - Book - FRANÇAIS

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This book is an invitation to play and create the most incredible cocktails with health-promoting properties, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Includes 22 original recipes for essential oil infusions
  • Information on what essential oils are
  • The importance of using quality ingredients and oils
  • The alcohol component can easily be omitted to create a mocktail.

The Essential Mixologist, written by Julez Weinberg, is filled with 22 original recipes for cocktails infused with essential oils.
It's a book about the art of mixology and the simplicity of sharing not just a cocktail with friends, but rather a medicinal cocktail with friends.
It even has background information on what essential oils are and why the author uses doTERRA essential oils in his recipes.

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